Let the sunshine In

Let’s look at storage, cupboard space and giving your property a feeling of spaciousness, as i have said before, you are shifting so you might as well start to pack up now. Pack anything you’re not regularly using away. Unused trivia, kitchen and household gadgets, games etc, unused sporting gear, just pack it away and get it out of the equation. Label boxes and find an unobtrusive corner in the garage or at a storage shed to store them in. A parent or friends house is even better.

Be ruthless and pragmatic; get a trusted friend to help if needed. It can be a little overwhelming if you have years of mementos, gifts and special pieces to sort through. It really helps to have someone who can listen to your story about the piece and assess with your guidance what’s to stay, what’s to be packed away, what’s to be gifted to family and what’s to go to the op shop. It makes it a nice memory and a pleasant transition to another stage of life or to the next part of your journey. Rather this than regrets of where your treasured item went in a rushed last minute pack.

Open the kitchen cupboards, does everything tumble out? Not a good look for a potential buyer. Pack everything you haven’t used in the last three months away, you’ll be amazed at the space this will free up. Wipe all of the cupboards and shelves out with jiff if need be then restack pots and dishes uniformly. Repeat with the pantry. Throw out the collection of yoghurt and margarine containers, glass jars and lids. Start again if you must at your new place. In the pantry stand spreads in a tray and organize your pantry to have some order and space available. Buyers open panty’s to assess their size, they want to see some space and light.

You don’t need 40 cook books for the next wee while, just live with your favourite three or better still pack them away and download your recipes online. Organize your linen and hot-water cupboard, have room to spare in both, start packing half of surplus towels and linens away.

Buyers usually check the hot-water cupboard to see the age of the cylinder if not on gas so let it be an obvious find without a caving experience for them to regret later.

Have the kitchen benches clear, a friend of mine was selling her apartment in Remuera and asked me to have a final look over the place before the real estate sales person arrived. The place looked stunning but the toaster was out on the bench. I suggested she needed to pop it away to which she replied that it was an $800 toaster and a very renowned brand. It’s still just a toaster and doesn’t need to be on display; At the end of the day the only things on your bench should be a tea/coffee machine if not built in with a tray ready to go, a sparkling clean or new kettle and a stylish fruit tray with fresh fruit, full. Even a fruit bowl filled with lemons looks great.

Now on to the bedrooms; box valances are good and low storage containers with wheels and lids to hide things under the bed e.g Lego, meccano or collections are great. When they are wanted, they can slide the container out from under the bed and slide it back out of the way when they are finished. This way they don’t have to disassemble their model or creation and it’s all out of sight during house viewings.



If you are sharing your home with older boys have them remove every poster from their walls. Only a mirror and a couple of framed prints are needed. No Bob Marley, dope posters, Harleys, surfing or girlie calendars please. Maybe take them with you to find the right picture for their room. You can find some big pictures at great prices at The Warehouse or Kmart. Let them choose, they enjoy spending your money usually and it’s a way to get them involved in the presentation side of the house sale. I’ve seen quite a few uninvolved teens come alive when they are asked for their opinion and ideas about the decor. They often have great ideas which I try to incorporate without losing the look altogether. They feel a part of the sale process and are more approachable and amenable when buyers are coming to view.

Have all their electronic games, remotes and gadgets in a draw, away out of sight. If they need a new bright duvet cover take your young person with you and enjoy the time together. Let them know they will enjoy putting all their treasures back up in their new room, but right now you want people viewing the house to be able to see the walls and the ceiling and that you value their input. Input is less threatening than the word help. Help sounds like a chore to most teens. Remember a dab of jiff camouflages any pin holes.

In a girls room it should be; nice bed linen, bright cushions, organized wardrobes, a bedroom chair if there’s room and a floor that can be seen. Remember to minimize in a young person’s room. Less is more, eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive.

Garage and Laundry
Keep sparkling clean, invest in laundry hampers rather than a pile of dirty laundry dumped in the corner. Clean out the cupboard under the laundry sink and keep the inside of the tub clean. Box and label all the garage gear, tools and sundry you are not using and get it out of sight. Have as much space as possible in the garage, sweep the floor and wash the windows. Disinfect around there-cycling bins and water-blast if needed.

Get rid of rubbish and get stuff to the op shop if you have decided that’s where some stuff is going.

Preparing your home before the marketing campaign begins alongside great advertising and photography will give you confidence your property is presented to its best face and will encourage your real estate salesperson to suggest your property first to prospective buyers.

All the very best on this next stage of your life’s journey and may you be rewarded for all you put your hand to.