Home Presentation Tips

Property Staging or Home Staging is simply the art of presenting a property for sale to its maximum appeal inside and out. Property staging is for every property, no matter the price, location, whether an existing home, or a developers show home.

Property Staging is not having coffee brewing and bread baking on the bench –that’s been overdone and buyer’s can recoil knowing it’s supposed to lull them into feelings of home. Property Staging is simply dressing a home for sale. It can involve rearranging existing furniture for greater room appeal; it may or may not include hiring props i.e. furniture, art, rugs, and mirrors, with stunning bedroom furnishings and accessories.

Elegant stories are created in each room by considering balance, flow and visual aesthetics. Prospective buyers are able to imagine themselves enjoying the rooms and mentally transposing their furniture where the furniture has been placed. Buyers are known to purchase furnishings with the house!


- The Real Estate industry recognizes ‘Staged homes’ as properties that are sale ready.
- A Staged home reassures a vendor their property is at its best during their sales/auction marketing campaign.
- Advertising and marketing photography is greatly improved - Online
- The sales time is significantly shorter.
- The best sale price is realized.

First things first – It is preferable not to let any interested buyer view your property until it is ‘sale ready’. Before any photos are taken, before the sign goes up trumpeting your property’s arrival on the market and of equal importance before the first buyer steps foot on your property – have your property ‘sale ready’ – you want the ‘Wow’ factor.

It’s almost impossible to renew interest in an unprepared property for sale.

First impressions matter and you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so clean those windows, get the stains off the driveway, water blast the path and go the whole way. Invest in refreshing your home. Cost is usually 1-2% of the house value with the return being up to 20% or more.

‘Street Appeal’ Buyers often target an area they would like to live in. They regularly drive around the area looking for new ‘for sale’ or ‘auction’ signs. Your home has to capture their attention and cause an immediate desire to view. Is the approach to your property appealing? Is your street tidy?

You are trying to eliminate the negatives. Buyers are looking for reasons to say no, so take those opportunities away, so your home appears the most inviting in your street and the surrounding streets.

-Take a serious look at the front fence. Does it need repainting or will a gentle water blast bring it back to life?

- Look at the letterbox, can it be revived or is it time you bought a new one? Can you plant a block of bright colour around the base so it looks welcoming?

- If there’s a hedgerow, could the front of the house be improved visually by taking the hedge lower? Keep it trimmed and groomed during this time.

I’m often asked if a client needs to repaint their house. I rarely recommend this. Usually a gentle water blast, a newly painted bright front door, refreshed garage doors and window sills give the same effect.

If your home is down a long drive with two or more different fences either side of the driveway, create a focal point at the end of the driveway for a potential buyer. A two metre high palm or an attractive specimen tree that is seen as soon as someone turns into the driveway gets the imagination going. It creates interest, distracts the prospective buyer from concentrating so much on the assortment of different fences and keeps their focus forward helping them to anticipate what’s to come.

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