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It is not simply good luck that brings in the best price when you are selling your home. It is a strategic and carefully planned marketing exercise, where a highly skilled negotiator orchestrates the process openly and fairly to both parties.

We are an established, local and independent real estate company – consistently selling more real estate in Mangere Bridge than any other real estate office. With us you experience the service and support you need to make your transition as effortless and agreeable as possible.

Marketing involves exploring the different ways we can promote your property. We will discuss with you the different aspects of Auction, Tender, Marketing with a Price and By Negotiation. You want an excellent price with as little stress as possible so from the beginning we are using creative thought and planning to arrive at an optimum result.

Your business is your business so anything of a personal nature will remain confidential unless you give us permission to speak of it. We are mindful of the position of trust you have placed us in.

If selling a home was as easy as putting an advertisement on the net or in the paper we would all do it without agents and the associated selling fee. While it is true that sometimes it can be that simple, generally a lot more effort is involved. Our goal is to reach the maximum number of buyers in a position to purchase your property, to interest them in viewing it and to excite them into wanting to own it.

You can expect good communication from us throughout the marketing period. From the start we are assessing buyer opinion of all aspects of your property including presentation and where they see the value and we are giving this feedback to you both in verbal and written reports. You are employing us as professionals so this feedback will be given honestly.

When an offer is on the table you will know as much about the purchaser’s position and intentions as we do. When you are deciding whether or not to accept the offer you will be able to make an informed decision. We can guide buyers to both legal and financial advice, to valuers familiar with the area and to builders should they require them. Of course we will have sold them on the Bridge as a great place to live.

A successful sale is achieved when we have sold your home on terms and conditions that you are happy with. This is more than just price so we listen to the time frame you want and any other requirements. We may ask for a reference to add to our growing list of very satisfied vendors.